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Lian Li Mini Q PC-Q08 Computer Case

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Final Thoughts and Rating

The one thing that keeps me from giving the case a really high score is the fact that they have plenty of spots for ventilation and air movement, but no filters on some of them. For some this is not an issue, but for those that like to keep a pristine case it could be a turn off. But if you look at it on the other hand there is more than enough air movement in the case to keep the dust collection to a minimum. The 3.0 USB connectors in my option are a plus and a minus. I thank them for thinking about it, but if I do not have the use for it I have to install an adaptor to convert back to what I would use. This takes up some valuable space in the case.


Overall I will have to say that I very impressed with the well thought out design and layout of the Mini Q case. The simple, yet stylish design fits well into anyone’s ideas for either a gaming PC or a HTPC. The availability of different colors will appeal to the gamers and case modders, while the black version would more that likely be used by the masses. The fact that Lian Li carries on there attention to style and build, even with their smaller cases, is a reason why many people look to them first for a great money spent to quality ratio.

 Lian Li Mini Q PC-Q08 Computer Case Lian Li 1






– Plenty of HD space
– Compact size
– Different colors available 
– Sturdy Construction for size
– Quality build
– Lack of filters
– Adapter for USB ports 

Modders-Inc Hardware Score

Lian Li Mini Q PC-Q08 Computer Case Lian Li 2

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