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Lian Li Wall-mountable O-Series Now Available in White

Probably one of the most attractive PC cases to come out recently, Lian Li’s O-series is aptly named for its ability to generate an audible ‘wow’ from people who see it. There is some good news for those in the market for this case, a white version has been announced and will be available in the US as well. The O-series will add the PC-O5SW, PC-O7SW and PC-O8WBW white versions to the line-up matching the same features as the original with tempered glass panels.


Lian Li cases are of course, made of aluminum and the O-series is no different but with the use of tempered glass and slim tower design makes these panels very versatile and ideal even as a wall-mounted PC. In order to achieve a slimmer body, the O-series uses VGA riser cables so that the video card can be mounted parallel to the motherboard.

The PC-05SW is the smallest one in the new batch, measuring 384 x 465 x 148mm (W x H x D) and supports Mini-ITX motherboards. Four expansion slots are available for expansion cards and VGA lengths up to 310mm are supported when the HDD rack is removed. With the HDD rack in the way, users are limited to 190mm if the power supply connectors are on the side but are limited to 175mm if the power supply plugs are on the front. Maximum CPU cooler height support is 85mm and maximum PSU length is 140mm supporting only SFX form factors.

The PC-O7SW supports much larger motherboards including ATX (12″ x 9.6″),  SP-ATX (12″ x 10.6″) and E-ATX (12″ x 10.7″) and measures 514 x 585 x 148mm (W x H x D). With the HDD rack, video card length is limited to 310mm but without, cards up to 410mm long can fit. CPU cooler height clearance is also 85mm but power supply support now includes standard ATX sizes up to 220mm.

Unlike the PC-O5Sw and PC-O7SW, the PC-08WBW is much wider and not wall-mountable because of its more cubic look.  It measures 341 x 428 x 404mm (W x H x D) and features tempered glass on the front and side panels. It supports ATX, Micro-ATX and E-ATX motherboards with maximum video card length support of 370mm. CPU Cooler height clearance is of course, a lot higher as well at 170mm and maximum power supply length support is ATX 298mm.

In terms of pricing and availability, the PC-05SW has an MSRP of $419 USD while the larger PC-07SW costs a bit more at $559 USD. Both will be available at beginning October 23. The PC-08WBW on the other hand is priced in between both at $479.

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