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Mionix NAOS 7000 Optical Gaming Mouse

Regardless of whether you’re a left or right hand user there will always be a wide range of gaming mice available in the market for you to choose from (especially if you happen to be right handed) from a large number of manufacturers. The real problem starts when people with large hands go out in the market to search for the ideal sized mouse something which can be very time consuming and not always with positive results since most manufacturers focus towards designing small and medium sized gaming mice with lightning fast laser/optical sensors (based on the demands by most consumers). Mionix is amongst the very few gaming peripheral manufacturers that actually cares about all segments of the market and what better way to prove that than by taking a look at all the different models in their NAOS line of gaming mice which have accompanied people with large hands for years now? Well for all of you we have good news since Mionix recently updated their NAOS line of gaming mice with the NAOS 7000 which happened to land on our doorstep roughly two weeks ago.

via Mionix NAOS 7000 Optical Gaming Mouse.

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