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Morro Data: Your NAS in the Cloud

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Final thoughts

This product is oriented toward IT personnel that is used to traditional NAS technologies but is looking for a better way to integrate cloud offering and collaborations in to the company with multiple offices. What Morro Data is offering to its users is cloud storage with accelerated access to the files without headaches such as maintenance or high cost. Supporting virtually any format of the files Morro Data is your Cloud NAS for small and medium businesses. I am not going to lie but there is a small learning curve that takes a little while to get used to however, Morro Data support team is always standing by to take your call. I had numerous conversations with the support team (as I was trying to inquire about this service) and they were patient and thorough with me explaining how they operate and what I needed to do to get running.

There is not much about hardware that deserves extra attention. What does deserve attention is the Morro Data’s portal. The portal is new and I can see that the development is working on changes frequently. This is a good sign of a young company as it shows that they are here for a long run. From speaking with the support guys at Morro Data I got some insights on what is in the pipe line for the new releases of firmware and offering which I am not at liberty to discuss at this time however we will cover Morro Data newest releases in our future reviews.

The pricing of the Cache Drives and the value they hold is competitive to some of the small to medium business NAS devices. The device itself is relatively expensive and I fell that it’s a pricey investment to make for small business as not only you are paying for the device itself but also for the subscription. So the setup cost for this solution could be substantial if you have 4 or more sites. Never the less I strongly feel that Morro Data is a good solution for file sharing and collaboration between remote locations.

“Your NAS in the Cloud”

-Morro Data



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