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It is my opinion that both mechanical keyboard maniacs and those who’ve only recently rejected the rhetoric of their rubber-dome rulers will find lots to love about the MSI Vigor GK80.

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It has a minimalist visual appeal that you can make your own with onboard or software-based RGB LED tweaks, feels good to type on, features a sturdy construction, has a few extras in store for fans of MSI’s other Gaming products, and offers gamers a handful of presets that might just help them up their game.

The MSI Vigor GK80 has an MSRP of $160, which is considerably higher than many other units in this keyboard’s class, however, as of this writing, we’re able to find the Vigor GK80 for much closer to $130. This isn’t exactly “impulse buy” territory, but at this price, you’ll be quite pleased with how much your gaming, typing, and overall computing experience improves with the MSI Vigor GK80’s keys under your fingers.

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