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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750Ti the Arrival of Maxwell

In days of old, when men were bold and GPUs weren’t invented, they took a box and put a hand in a sock to keep the masses contented. It’s been a long time since people entertained themselves by going to see a marionette show at the local theater. Marionettes were later replaced by plays, which were replaced by film projectors and, in the present day, a disc in a computer, which requires a GPU to render the image. Where would we be today without the technologies we have grown accustomed to and take for granted? Still gathering in front of the radio to listen to Lawrence Welk or maybe watching a black and white 12” TV that has no sound? Video has become a part of everyone’s daily life and as new technology emerges, the need for more powerful rendering has driven the industry farther in four years than the last eight combined.

via NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750Ti the Arrival of Maxwell.

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