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NZXT Manta (White Edition) ITX Case Review

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IMG_6267They say real women have curves, but can the same be said about computer cases? Certainly we have seen cases with curved panels before, but NZXT steps up the ante with their new ITX chassis, dubbed “Manta.” This is NZXT’s first ITX chassis, and it is certainly a bold entrance into the SFF scene.

Over the past few years there has been a movement with ITX cases, where their footprints have grown. This increase in volume has allowed for water cooling support, larger components and overall combat the cooling issues that were seen with past compact ITX cases. ITX has become the new crowd favorite, and rightfully so. The simple fact is most people, will never have a multi-GPU set up or an army of 3.5″ drives, which is what makes the simplicity/restrictions of ITX so tempting. However, the Manta’s restriction count is slim to none, with this ITX “plus” form factor that allows for custom water cooling loops, over the traditional AIO cooling methods found in most ITX systems. So like the giant manta ray of the deep, does NZXT’s Manta case stack up as a king of its territory, or is it a dismal bottom feeder of the ITX market?


Review Sample Provided by: NZXT
Product Name: NZXT Manta
Price at time of review: $ 139.99 USD
Product was given in exchange for work done to produce this review.


You will notice that our sample came in a very plain looking box. All sides of our package were bare other than one side that had the model name and color for the case. Rather than make the assumption that this was the final packing for the retail version, I contacted our rep at NZXT and he confirmed with us that only the review samples were sent out in the plain style boxes and the retail edition of the Manta would have the traditional style boxes.


Inside, you will find that the case has two layers of protection. The first layer is the dense Styrofoam packing material which holds the case firm during the shipping process. Using this dense Styrofoam material has been known to mark up cases when not fitted properly, but since the sample I received was incredibly snug, this should not be an issue.



In addition to the Styrofoam pieces, NZXT places a plastic bag around the Manta, and has plastic film covering not only the outside of the window, but the inside as well. One issue I did have with the film on the inside of the window, was that it can be a bit tedious to remove. When removing the film, please exercise caution as you can scratch the window. I highly recommend using a plastic tool over a screw driver or other metal tool.


Traditionally, the accessory box that comes with cases is usually found inside of the case and is usually seated in one of the 3.5″ bays. This was not the case with the Manta as I did not find the accessory box until I flipped the case on its side. This is not an issue in the least bit, just something to be aware of if you do decide to purchase this case.



Inside we can find, packaged screws, zip ties, a NZXT badge and manual.



Model Number CA-MANTW-W1 (Matte White/Window)
Motherboard Support Mini-ITX
Dimensions W: 245 x H: 426 x D: 450mm
Weight (Empty) 7.2kg/ 15.87lbs
Clearance CPU Clearance: 160mm

GPU Clearance: 363mm

PSU Length: 363mm

Cooling System Front: 2x 140/120mm (2x 120mm included)

Top: 2x 140/120mm

Rear: 1x 120mm (Included)

Radiator Support Front: Up to 280mm

Top: Up to 280mm (Slim)

Rear: 120mm

Drive Bays Internal 3.5″: 2

Internal 2.5″: 3

External Electronics/Ports I/O Panel LED On/Off, 1x Audio/Mic, USB 3.0
Expansion Slots 2
Power Supply Support ATX
UPC 815671012777 (Matte White/Window)
EAN 5060301693108 (Matte White/Window)

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