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Oculus Responds To ZeniMax With ‘John Carmack Did Not Take Any IP’

Facebook Inc. is blasting legal claims of intellectual property theft against Oculus, which it agreed to acquire in March.

Oculus, maker of the popular virtual reality (VR) headset known as the Rift, is being sued by ZeniMax Media over its claims that John Carmack used stolen intellectual property to develop the Rift. Oculus used software made by Carmack while he was a ZeniMax employee, the company claims, which is why the two-year-old company has been able to fast-track production of the Rift.

Oculus sells the Rift to game developers and anyone willing to pony up $350 for a gadget still in the testing phase and not yet considered a “consumer product.”

Facebook, which in March announced its plan to buy Irvine, California-based Oculus for $2 billion, on Monday said it will “prove” that all of the suit’s claims are false and released seven talking points regarding Carmack. He gained fame for producing video games “Doom” and “Wolfenstein 3D” for id Software before it was acquired by ZeniMax Media in 2009.


via Oculus Responds To ZeniMax With 7 Points: ‘John Carmack Did Not Take Any IP’ For Rift at ibtimes.com

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