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Oculus Shows Off Facebook VR Device

Oculus Shows Off Facebook VR Device facebook, Oculus, yahoo 1

It feels like we’ve been hearing about the Oculus Rift forever. In fairness, it’s been a few years since the first duct-taped ski goggles model stole our attention, and there’ve been more than a few prototype models since. But the consumer version is almost here – Facebook-owned Oculus VR unveiled a mockup and a release window recently (The first quarter of 2016). The company has yet to offer a clear look at both its final model and how you’ll interact with the world of virtual reality. Until now.

Oculus Shows Off Facebook VR Device facebook, Oculus, yahoo 2

View gallery.(Oculus VR) This is the consumer version of the Oculus Rift In unveiling a new website and logo on Tuesday, Oculus VR inadvertantly revealed images of the final Oculus Rift; VRFocus pulled the images together. As seen above, the headset looks much cleaner than previous prototypes, and features a camera on the front (presumably used to look “through” the headset, so you can, say, take a sip of water).Perhaps even more interesting, the leak revealed what Oculus is calling a “simple input device.” It looks like this:

Source: Oculus just mistakenly leaked the first good look we’ve ever had of Facebook’s new virtual reality device – Yahoo Finance

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