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Ozone Rage ST Headset Review: When Budget Actually Means Good

A Closer Look at the Ozone Rage ST Gaming Headset »

Despite the stereotype, gamers are social creatures too. Competitive games after all requires another person to play with, but as expressive as some gestures may be such as virtual teabagging, it is not nearly as effective in conveying what you really feel when you shout out expletives through a headset. It feels very natural in fact that one almost feels naked without it while playing. While there are many good options out there for those who can afford a headset close to $100 USD, there are not a lot of decent ones below $50.

Ozone is dedicated exclusively to providing gaming equipment and believes that they have dialed in the right balance of headset performance and affordability with their new Rage ST gaming headset. Priced at only $39 USD, the Ozone Rage ST is one of the most affordable gaming headsets in the market. You would think a headset this low priced would be quite bare-bones feature-wise considering the claim of performance quality but it has a detachable microphone, inline remote for mute and volume, adjustable cushioned band and five color options.

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The box has the typical red and black color scheme found on most E-Sports products and Ozone has adapted that color scheme as their own as well. A large viewing window at the front and the side gives buyers a solid preview of the actual scale of the Rage ST.

Inside, a headphone stand made of cardboard holds the Rage ST and could double as a holder on your desktop after a few snips of extra cardboard. Accessories include the detachable microphone and a user’s guide pamphlet.



Driver Diameter: ø6.0×5.0mm
Directivity: Omnidirectional
Sensitivity: ≤2.2KΩ
Weight -38dB(at 1KHz)


Driver Dmensions: ø40mm
Frequency response: 20~20kHz
Sensitivity (SPL): 85dB(At1.0 kHz)
Impedance: 32Ω


Cable Length: 2.5mm
Plug: 3.5 plug
Net Weight: 300 g

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