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Tesoro OLIVANTThe Tesoro Olivant Pro is headset with a straightforward design and an exotic name. The Olivant comes in two variants, standard and Pro with the Pro featuring virtual 7.1 Surround Sound. I have never been a fan of virtual surround sounds as earlier takes on surround sound from the Logitech G930 seems to distort sound, but for those who want a home theater on your head experience, this will be a welcome feature.

The Tesoro Olivant Pro features both USB and 3.5mm headphone and microphone jacks. Having a detachable microphone means Olivant Pro can be used during a daily commute as a high quality headphone without having an annoying fold away or fixed microphone.

The Olivant Pro boasts a noise filtering, unidirectional microphone which is a great feature to have at a LAN party or if there are guests over when one is gaming. The microphone boom itself being flexible is helpful in the event the microphone starts to cancel out your voice, a possible issue with noise filtering microphones.

The packaging has a distinct black and purple styling that make the packaging stand out from others on a shelf. The box of the Tesoro Olivant Pro has a window large enough to see the right ear. The sample sent to us was significantly damaged during shipping to no fault of the manufacturer. The packing did keep the Tesoro Olivant Pro safe during the unfortunate incident(s) during transit.

The front side of the Olivant Pro’s packaging boasts 50mm “gaming-class” driver units, lightweight ergonomic design, detachable microphone, and compatibility with consoles and portable devices. The left side of the box shows the connector and adapters.

The rear of the Tesoro Olivant Pro packaging shows specifications regarding the speaker drivers and microphone impedance and sensitivity. A list of features similar to that on the Tesoro website is shown in several languages.

The box contents hold the Tesoro headset with braided cable, detachable microphone, USB adapter with in-line controls, manuals, and 3.5mm jack splitters. The simplicity of the packaging made this un-boxing experience a pleasant one.





Driver Unit


Frequency Response



32 Ω ± 15 %

Max. SPL at 1kHz


Microphone Directivity


Mic Impedance

2.2K ohms

Mic Sensitivity

-58+/- 3dB (at 1KHz)

Cable Length

1.4m + 1.6m In-line Control




3.5mm – 4pole pin x 1
3.5mm – 3pole pin x 2
USB Gold-plated plug

Package Contents

Headset, Mic Boom, USB 7.1 In-line Control, Splitter Adaptor Cable

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