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Patriot Pyro SATA III 120GB SSD

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Testing and Conclusion

OK, so the drive looks good and all but we all want to know is how well does this $200 drive work. I decided to put it up against a Crucial SSD that I have and is still sell for $250 on Newegg. 


First on the block for testing is ATTO Disk Benchmark… The ATTO Disk Benchmark performance measurement tool measure yourd storage systems performance with various transfer sizes and test lengths for reads and writes.  You can use ATTO Disk Benchmark to test any manufacturersRAID controllers, storage controllers, host adapters, hard drives and SSD drives.

Patriot Pyro SATA III 120GB SSD 1 Patriot Pyro SATA III 120GB SSD 2  

 From the graphs above we can see that the Pyro drive (on the left) works it way up to the maximum Read speed, while the Write reaches the higher speed rather quickly. I took the last two scores from the screen shots and posted them below. We can see that the Patriot SSD was able to reach the speeds is said it could, which is much higher that the Crucial, but it too was able to reach the advertised Write and read speeds.
ATTO Disk  Patriot Crucial
 Write 4M 506481  134217 
 Read 4M 550323 366882
 Write 8M 512525 134441
 Read 8M 550323  367719 
HD Tune Pro is an extended version of HD Tune which includes features like: write benchmark, secure erasing, AAM setting, folder usage view, disk monitor, command line parameters and file benchmark.These test can be ran on hard disk (internal or external), SSD, USB stick, memory card reader.

Patriot Pyro SATA III 120GB SSD 3

Patriot Pyro SATA III 120GB SSD 4

Patriot Pyro SATA III 120GB SSD 5

Patriot Pyro SATA III 120GB SSD 6

Our final test will be with PC MARK Vantage and the HDD Suite. What is nice about this testing is that it gives us  more of a “Real World” like results by measuring a variety of common tasks that you might do. Looking at the chart below we can see that the final score for the SSD testing is won by the Patriot Pryo by a wide margin and easily beats the Crucial RealSSD in every test.

PC Mark HDD Test Suite                                MB/s 
   Patriot Pyro  Crucial RealSSD 
HDD Test Suite Score 56157 21408
HDD 1  HDD – Windows Defender 280.63 154.62
HDD 2 HDD – gaming 235.09 184.9
HDD – Importing pictures to Windows Photo Gallery 307.64 229.19
HDD – Windows Vista start up 268.18 180.09
HDD – Video editing using Windows Movie Maker 212.9 138.68
HDD – Windows Media Center 387.71 201.59
HDD – Adding music to Windows Media Player 195.08 74.15
HDD – Application loading 250.38 85.91


What can I say that the results have not already shown. With the new SandForce Processor the Patriot was able to beat the Curcial RealSSD. Now I will have to say that the Crucial is using an older Processor, but it is still selling for a higher price than the Patriot PYRO. This is were the Patriot PYRO drive really shines above all other drives at the moment. When you take the performance and pricing and do some quick calculations you find our quickly that you get a huge return on your investment. 





– Blazing Fast
– Lower Price
– Easy install


– A 6GB cable in the package would have been nice
– I only have one of them

Modders-Inc Hardware Score


Patriot Pyro SATA III 120GB SSD 7

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