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Phanteks Enthoo Pro Mid-Tower Case Review

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Final Thoughts

When working with the Enthoo Pro, I had a very positive experience. The case is built like a tank and doesn’t skimp on any features. There are even a few features that you wouldn’t expect to find on a mid-tower case that is priced at just under $100! The included PWM splitter is one such feature, that many manufacturers would have cut out, to save a few bucks. Phanteks, however, took their proven method of success that they used with the Enthoo Primo and essentially just shrunk it down. Phanteks has gone so far as to include a 5 year warranty on their Enthoo Pro case, though very rarely does a computer case just fail midway through it’s life.

The Enthoo Pro is quite unlike most cases we’ve seen as it can be almost fully disassembled with a simple screw driver. There are of course some parts that are riveted and therefore must be drilled through to be taken apart. This allows you to take things out and work on them as needed without having to have a full blown set of tools to put the case back together.



I would dare say that the Phanteks Enthoo Pro is my new favorite mid-tower case. Not only for its large roomy design, but because build quality was above and beyond was I was expecting. I was fully expecting to get a solid case, however the fact that about 85% of the case can be disassembled with a screw driver, yet it maintains the most rigid structure of any mid-tower case I’ve ever used, is a huge plus. Initially I thought that the $100 price tag might be a bit steep for a mid-tower case. That was until I started moving the case around and installing hardware into it.

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  1. So, now I am torn between this and the NZXT H440. I am looking for appearance, silence, and h2o cooling potential.

  2. Having not used the H440 personally, I’d suggest having a read of our review on it. However, I can tell you that the Enthoo Pro could potentially come up short on the H2O performance as mounting options for rads aren’t quite as broad as the H440. If you’re using an All In One cooler, the Enthoo Pro is a fine choice!

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