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Phobya 360LT Pure Performance Watercooling Kit Review

Phobya 360LT Pure Performance Watercooling Kit Review 360lt, Nikktech, phobya, watercooling 1

Up until roughly 2 years ago i never would had thought that the day would ever come when I’d install a custom water cooling kit (loop) in our primary test rig and never look back to the usual CPU Air Coolers and the nowadays more common All In One liquid cooling solutions. However that day did come when we received the excellent XSPC Raystorm 750 RX360V3 WaterCooling Kit a few months back which surpassed every single cooling solution to have ever passed from our Intel Core i7 3930k test rig. I do understand people who are not willing to take their first steps into this still “niche” market because of the cost, the time one needs to spend mounting a complete kit and the rare dangers of that (although I’ve never encountered that issue) but trust me when i say that the end result is more than just worth the extra money and time (at least for those who can afford it). Phobya much like XSPC is also in the job of making high-end watercooling components and kits and since many of you asked today with us we have their latest 360LT Pure Performance Watercooling kit.

Phobya 360LT Pure Performance Watercooling Kit Review @ NikKTech


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