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Under Pressure: Parvum F1.0 VS NoiseBlocker eLoop B12.2 Static Pressure Fan Comparison

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The B12-2 has only one color option with a black outer frame, high gloss white fan and dark gray inserts along the frame. Like the Parvum, the B12-2 also features a hybrid plastic and rubber frame to reduce vibration, but things get very different when you look at the B12-2’s fan. Noiseblocker has fused the inner ring of the frame with the fan blades, which according to their page, “The new design eliminates the edge of the vertebrae are formed between the suction and pressure side of the wing tips.” This refers to the small pressure that forms between the edge of the blades and the wall of the inner frame.




These come with a much nicer stock PET style sleeving and can be sleeved in your choice of colors from performance-pcs.com. Again, something very different from the Parvum F1.0, the connector on the B12-2 ends almost immediately at the frame of the fan, but Noiseblocker includes two choices for cable lengths (one short, one long) for your cabling needs.



The B12-2 however is not a PWM fan and comes with only the standard 3-pin fan connector. Also included in the box, the short and long 3-pin fan connectors and mounting screws with rubber noise damping inserts.


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  1. Are you sure this is an actual review? The testing done was really, really bad. The Parvum fans at full speed are much faster than the B12-2, so of course it will result in the loop being cooler while being noisier. If you are looking from a price point of view only then why not get OEM Delta fans at $9 or so each that can go to much higher speeds while being cheaper?

    Oh and don’t even get me started on how you determined it cools better!

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