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id/Bethesda Themed PC Case Mod: consists of any mod style (classic or scratch) but must be themed about id Software/Bethesda or any of their games (old, current, or upcoming).

My name is Rob Wilson and my case is themed after the Khajiit, the race of cat-people in The Elder Scrolls Online. Its most noticeable feature is that it is covered in faux snow leopard fur. The front panel is 3D printed and includes fan grills made from the Khajiit emblem. The top panel is also 3D printed and includes a fan grill made from a Khajiit shield. Both panels are held on by magnets, which allow them to be easily removed for fan cleaning or other maintenance. The inside of the case is hand-painted and then hand glazed with iridescence to make it shimmer like a moonstone, the Khajiit crafting style material. The computer is cooled by a custom loop that is filled with a clear liquid similar in appearance to the moon sugar drinks often enjoyed by the Khajiit. The custom loop includes a magnetic 3D printed housing which allows the reservoir to mount horizontally, and permits easy installation or removal for maintaining the loop. All 3D printing is my own design and fabrication.

From Adam Owen – My case is a complete remake of a previous build from 2011. The case was then and is still known as the Rage Monster Truck. It did not place in 2011. The only part kept from the original build is the Body. In 2011 a few of the people who worked on RAGE, Flagship from Ventrilo, and John Carmack signed it. I sold the Traxxas Summit that it was originally built on and scrapped all the parts/reused them years ago. I did not have a 3D printer then and everything was hand made. The remake was designed and built in the last 48 hours.

After deciding at the very last minute to enter. I went on the hunt for everything to do the build. I bought a 1:5 scale Polaris RZR Atv. I gutted the top of the car and took everything I wanted to repaint off. I then started designing and printing parts to mount the computer. With a mixture of both experience and luck, All of the fabricated parts on the first try. I then created mounts to get the body from the 2011 Rage Monster Truck mounted. With a couple of tweaks, I was able to get the mounts I designed to function. I added a feature that allows the body to come off with magnets as this makes it much easier to set the computer part of it up. I drilled and added a power button for the computer and added a button that switches the lights between the battery pack and the computer power supply. Of course, something did go wrong. the lights on the top of the body burned out. That being said I am very happy with the results. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did making it. It really made it feel like Quakecon around here, even if it is from home!

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