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RAIJINTEK Asterion Classic Aluminum Chassis

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The Raijintek Asterion Classic Aluminum chassis is a sleek sleeper of a case.  There are a great many features packed into this elegant case.  Its wide open format is a dream to work with.  The ease of the build was simplicity at its finest.


I was a bit underwhelmed by the LED fans and the light given off when the system was running.  A smart builder though can use the open format of the Asterion Classic to expand into a myriad of lighting options.  The lack of a rubber stand off or rubber mount screw on the back-side drive mounts is disappointing also.

Raijintek has a simple two-word mission statement on their website: “Creating Passion”.  I feel they have succeeded with the Raijintek Asterion Classic Aluminum chassis.  Whether you build this case as your next gamer or as an elegant addition to your office, or as a stylish media center in your living room, the Asterion Classic will surely be a great selection.

Modders-Inc Recommended Hardware Award

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