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Samsung Magician 4.5 – RAPID Mode Benchmarked Review

Over the years, consumers have demanded and pushed manufacturers to develop SSD toolboxes to use when they install an SSD in their system. Offering a SSD toolbox has become almost a necessity in today’s SSD market. These toolboxes offer features such as drive health monitoring, feature activation, manual secure erase and TRIM triggers, as well as firmware update abilities and drive benchmarking. One such company that recognized this trend early on and helped shape the way toolboxes are today is Samsung; their software utility being the Samsung Magician. Something that sets Samsung Magician software apart from other toolboxes is its RAPID mode (Real-time Accelerated Processing of I/O Data), this having been introduced with the release of the Samsung 840 EVO.

Samsung Magician 4.5 – RAPID Mode Benchmarked Review @ TheSSDReview

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