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DDR4 and DDR3 Prices Will Continue to Fall Through 2016


End users looking to save money when building their new PC or looking to upgrade their RAM will be glad to hear that both DDR4 and DDR3 prices will most likely continue to fall through the end of the year and continue through 2016, notes DRAM market analysis from DRAMxchange. Retail DDR4 prices are already approaching up to a 50% price drop compared to what they started at the beginning of the year.

Overall motherboard sales are 10% lower than expected this year even after Intel’s Skylake mainstream desktop CPU launch so demand remains low. Supply has outgrown demand with no expected driving force for a market growth explosion in the coming year either. The oversupply however has been noted to be only a small one and the oligopoly held by Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron will remain profitable by lowering production capacity and improving production costs by further transitioning to new 20nm and 21nm production technologies.


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