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Sapphire Pure 785G Motherboard

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   The Sapphire Pure 750G mother board is a good solid performing motherboard. It runs stable and cool and has all the essential components that you are going to need to run a decent build whether it be a Media PC or a compact gaming unit. The board is a good board but not “great” as I was hoping it would be with the “Pure” in the title I was expecting a bit more out of the board. Namely additional memory space, PCI-express 1x or 2x,  and even Crossfire for this board would be in line for what we are expecting. More importantly more and better Bios Overclocking options. I know this is a MATX board and the expectations are not as high but to be honest if other Manufacturers can do it so can Sapphire Tech.

  The last thing I would mention is the price. The pricing for this board puts it as one of the more expensive AMD MATX boards out there. This board is a good board and although it is is a decent performer the lack absence of any extra’s puts it at a pricing disadvantage against comparable boards of this type.



Integrated 4200 video
Good/ Cheap base for Media PC build
Runs cool and stable
Minimal Memory Slots
Minimal Overclocking options
Needs additional PCI-express

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Dewayne Carel

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