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SilverStone ARM Two SST-ARM22SC Review | APH Networks

Over the years, I have owned many Dell UltraSharp LCD monitors. The first one I have owned is a 2005FPW roughly nine years ago; an exceptional 20″ 16:10 widescreen LCD featuring a brilliant 8-bit S-IPS panel. Since then, I have tried to own monitors of other brands, and even ventured into ones equipped TN panels — but I have always come back to premium UltraSharp monitors for my main setup. Its picture quality, features, and price is simply unmatched by any other manufacturer in the market today. Besides picture quality, Dell UltraSharps also ellipses other brands in terms of features. This includes stuff like a bajillion inputs, built-in card reader on high end models, and of course, the all-important height adjustable stand. Why is the height adjustable stand so important? Well, if you have been tilting your monitor back all these years, try straightening it out and raise it to eye level with some textbooks — it makes a world of difference. However, while having a height adjustable stand is awesome, it has one significant limitation: Placement. In the past, I could not establish a dual 24″ screen configuration in my room, simply because my desk is too small. Furthermore, spanning two 24″ monitors across would have been too wide; making the view a pain in the… neck. But when my 2408WFP decided to kick the bucket a few weeks ago, I decided it was time for a change. With the SilverStone ARM Two SST-ARM22SC articulating monitor arm, not only could I place two 24″ monitors on my desk, but I could do so while placing them at eye level, and angle them in aggressively so I can view across 3840 pixels without hurting my neck — all without taking up any room on my desk. For a competitive price of about $200 at press time, is this your Ergotron killer? We took one in along a pair of UltraSharps to find out.

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