Synology Surveillance Station: Home Security At Its Best.

Synology Surveillance Station

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Licensing Model

Synology Surveillance Station supports multiple types of cameras. Most ‘Regular’ and ‘Panoramic’ cameras require 1 license per device registration. When you are looking to add a multi-lens solution when the licensing model can be a little bit confusing For more details about supported cameras, please refer to Camera Support List.

Camera TypeBilling MethodExampleLicense required
RegularPer cameraAXIS P13471
PanoramicPer cameraAXIS M30071
Multi-lensFixed lensPer cameraArecontVision AV8185DN1
Removable lensPer channelAXIS F445
Video serverPer channelVivotek VS88018


Synology IP CAMERA LICENSE PACK 1 (CLP1) retails for $ 55.99 USD

Synology IP CAMERA LICENSE PACK 4 (CLP4) retails for $199.99 USD

Synology IP CAMERA LICENSE PACK 8 (CLP8) retails for $380.63 USD

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