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Configuration of IP Cameras

It is a good idea to check Synology website for supported cameras before starting this project. Surveillance Station supports over 6000 different IP based cameras, however, there is that chance that your camera might be too old or not listed in the supported section. Not to worry. If it’s an IP camera, we can add it!

You can invoke ‘Add Camera Wizard’ from IP Camera option on the Desktop.Synology Surveillance Station

If you know the IP address of your cameras you can input it in the IP address bar or just click on the search button on the right.Synology Surveillance Station

If you have supported cameras then they would show up under Synology Supported Cameras. If your cameras are not on the supported list then they would show up under General Interface or ONVIF. As you can see I have a couple of different models here. My own purchased ZMODO brand and AMCREST IP2M-841B which were provided by Synology for this review.

With Supported Cameras, you get many more options than with non-supported cameras. AMCREST IP2M-841B is a Pan/Tilt type of camera that has the ability to record and playback video streams up to 1080p. This particular model is designed to work indoors and also provides two-way audio communications which could come handy.


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