Tesoro GRAM Spectrum RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

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Software Overview

The Tesoro GRAM Spectrum’s advanced customization is done through the Tesoro software that could be obtained through Tesoro’s website. Installing is a breeze and before you know it you are presented with simple yet effective customization options. Based on the need, users have ability to customize up to six different profiles. Within each profile it is possible to adjust lightning effect, illumination, macros and key assignments.

To pick a particular color for the profile you can either pick the stock color from the pallet or select desired color from the color bar. Each key can be adjusted as well.

There are eight different type of lightning effect: Standard, Trigger, Ripple, Firework, Radiation, Breathing, Rainbow Wave and Spectrum Colors. Macro Key Assignment and Launch Program are based on each individual key. Once you have customized your keyboard the way you wanted, you can save the profile of the keyboard for future use.

Performance Summary

The Tesoro GRAM Spectrum RGB looked elegant in white and was surprisingly sturdy and durable within the time frame of use for testing. The lower profile keys and shorter bottom throw distance did not take much getting used to and was quite comfortable after some time. The keys were tactile and were quite functional, plus having RGB capabilities gave the GRAM Spectrum RGB some interesting character, in colorful contrast to its simple appearance.

Kailh’s agile switches somewhat live up to the name, especially coupled with low profile keys . Although many users might not be able to outright tell the difference a 4mm travel distance makes, the lighter keys nevertheless remained accurate and accommodating to faster typists. The software for control extends the Tesoro GRAM Spectrum RGB’s functionality as well beyond merely a as functional tool but a fun lifestyle adapting keyboard. Custom profile and macros load swiftly, having an intuitive user-friendly accessibility.


Currently Tesoro GRAM Spectrum retails for about $135 USD which sounds quite steep for a mechanical keyboard, especially for a Kailh-switch unit. This is within range of most RGB backlit offerings using Cherry MX switches and is going head to head where there are currently plenty of options with to choose from. The advantage with the Tesoro GRAM Spectrum RGB is that has a more reserved contemporary look while offering gaming-oriented fast switches under the keycap for $30 less on average than what Corsair offers with their speed switch Cherry MX RGB units.

I do find the price vs. value of this particular mechanical keyboard to be fair and relatively competitive. My experience with the Tesoro GRAM Spectrum RGB was a pleasant one and if you are in the market for a mechanical gaming keyboard, give the Tesoro GRAM Spectrum RGB a chance. You will not be disappointed.

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