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The Antec Performance Series P120 Crystal Mid-Tower Review

The Antec P120 Crystal is a Mid-Tower that won't break your bank.

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Packaging and UnboxingP120 Crystal packaging

The P120 Crystal comes in a sturdy cardboard box. There is a depiction of the P120 Crystal in the center of the front side of the box. Across the top and slightly to the left is the P120 Crystal Performance Series product branding. On the right side, running top to bottom is the Antec logo and the phrase “Designed by Antec in California.” On the back of the box, the P120 Crystal Performance Series product branding is again printed across the top. Just below is a brief description of the P120 Crystal. There is also a list of some of the key features of the P12 Crystal. The back of the box also has an image of the P120 Crystal, this time with the side panel open. Like on the front, the Antec logo runs from top to bottom on the right side of the box.

The box the P120 Crystal comes packed in is very well made. The cardboard is double the thickness of your average box. The inner packing is some of the best I’ve seen for a PC case. In place of using hard foam, or even soft foam, the packing material is soft foam, covered with cardboard. This gives you the benefits of both hard and soft foam. Their soft foam gives is a little bit of play and the cardboard gives the foam extra protection.

The Antec P120 Crystal comes packed with a protective sleeve over the case. This will help to prevent any dust build-up that may occur. The protective sleeve will also help protect against scratches in case the box is punctured.



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