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The Primochill RFB – Rigid Finishing Bit

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primochill rigid finishing bit RFBCutting your rigid PETG tubing can sometimes be a pain as you can never get a nice straight cut. Seems like you can try your hardest, but it is never quite flat. If you do get it cut right, then you have to use a tool to clean up the edge and the use sandpaper the edge to get a smooth tapered edge so you don’t cut one of the o-rings in the fitting. The Primochill RFB (Rigid Finishing Bit) can take care of all of the about in just a few seconds.  With a standard hand drill, you can take 15 minutes of work down to just 15 seconds. You can also use the Primochill Rigid Finishing Bit – RFB – to trim down the length of the tubing to get that perfect fit.

The Primochill RFB - Rigid Finishing Bit rigid tubing, Water Cooling 1

  • Size: 1/2in. ID x 5/8 in. OD (12mm ID x 16mm OD or 13mm ID x 16mm OD)
  • Small tool easily stored
  • Designed to Fit Standard Drills
  • Sealed Bearings That Allow for Scuff-Free Spinning
  • Designed to Fit Standard Drills
  • Sealed Bearings That Allow for Scuff-Free Spinning
  • Material: PETG, PMMA (Due to extremely quick dulling of the bit, Copper tubing is not recommended.)
  • Practice using the RFB on some scrap rigid or cut longer than needed until you get the hang of how fast or slow the bit will remove material.


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