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The Red Dragon Case Mod by JJ_Sky5000

While at CES this year I took in all the sites, hardware and all the normal stuff you do, but being the case modder that I am I had to make sure that I looked at each mod that was presented at the manufactures suites and events. One case mod stood out to me and it was at the MSI area. A large red scratch built mod that showcased MSI demanded your attention when you walked in. This case was created by James ‘JJ_Sky5000’ Fislar  from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

James had this to say about creating the Red Dragon Case Mod for MSI.

“For me to mod I have to get in the right mindset and focus. I get a lot of my inspiration by looking at Darthbeavis, Bill Owen and Boddaker projects. 3 of the best in the business and all original modders, nowadays so much is being out sourced it takes away from the originally of a MOD, ship off to be lasered here ( Darth your good you laser cut your own) and paid to have it shipped here painted there and sleeved cables order here. If I don’t create the case in my own garage I wouldn’t feel like I made it and take credit when somebody else does the work.

After waiting to find this modding motivation & changing the design of the base to give it a angle edge and having most of the hardware in it I was to begin after building over and over in my head.”



The Red Dragon Case Mod by JJ_Sky5000 Case Mod, MSI, Red dragon case mod 1

Check out the worklog in our forums and follow along as James takes on his journey of creating this great looking, hand made, case mod.


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