Thermaltake Level 20 GT RGB Razer Keyboard

Thermaltake Level 20 GT Keyboard

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iTake Engine/TT RGB Plus/Apps

The Level 20 RGB has a management software called iTake Engine. The application allows you to completely modify all aspects of the keyboard.

I want to add an issue I experienced with the iTake software. Upon installing it wants to install the 2015 Microsoft C++ Redistributable. If you have a newer version, as many of us do, it does not jive and they keyboard stops working. I personally had 2017 on mine and I even tried installing Microsoft’s cumulative 2015-2019 version and it still didn’t help. If I remove all versions over 15 they keyboard will work but just installing the iTake disables the pre-mapped keys (like lighting effects, game mode, etc). As a casual user, I would prefer that just installing the iTake engine wouldn’t change the functionality so much as completely customizing the keyboard takes a lot of time and you may not need all the functions changed, it should be at your leisure. If you uninstall the engine it will go immediately back to functioning as it did out of the box, but you will also get an error on reboot that the iTake engine is not found. We have reached out to Thermaltake to see why this is happening.

Outside of that, the iTake engine application allows you to modify lighting patterns, colors (all 16.8 million), add macros and bind keys to quite a few options. For example, you can bind keys to load websites, applications, stored profiles, etc. The keyboard has built-in memory so you can store 6 profiles based on your game library for quick access. There are 5 levels of brightness to help you get the perfect late-night ambiance.


If you have other Thermaltake RGB plus enabled devices (Mice, Keyboards, Coolers, PSU, etc.) you can also download the TT RGB Plus software so you can sync RGB options across devices for complete customization. There are a few extra applications like an AI voice control which allows you to map light functions to voice commands, Amazon Alexa integration, and a virtual game controller and keyboard (via your smartphone or tablet). The iOS and Android apps were not available at the time of this review.


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