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Thermaltake Now Has RGB LED Radiators

Thermaltake Now Has RGB LED Radiators

If you have been following Thermaltake’s recent product releases, then you would know that this was eventually going to arrive. I’m talking about another RGB LED product of course. Specifically, Thermaltake now has an RGB LED radiator that goes with the rest of their Tt LCS certified RGB LED product line including Riing fans and blocks.

Thermaltake is introducing the Pacific RL360 Plus RGB Radiator built for 120mm high-static pressure fans. It incorporates a 16.8 million-color LED strip along the side. Moreover, there are 12 addressable LED sets (two single LEDs per set) which are controllable by the Riing Plus RGB software. Functions within the software also allow users to monitor fan performance and track CPU temperature as well. Moreover, the integrated G1/4″ threads make for easy installation. The rigid connections ensure leak-resistant measures are in place.

Pricing and Availability

The Pacific RL360 Plus RGB Radiator is now available for purchase on the TT Premium online shop for $109.99 USD. Keep in mind that the product availability and price may vary by country and region. To be sure, check out the closest store below in your region:


For more details on the Pacific RL360 Plus RGB Radiator, please visit: http://www.thermaltake.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00003131


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