Thermaltake Custom Casemods of Computex 2017

The Tower 900 case mods as far as the eye could see


At Computex 2017 Thermaltake, once again, displayed a huge amount of case mods at their booth which is huge and right up front for everyone to see. Most the of case mods where based of the Thermaltake The Tower 900, with a few based off of other Thermaltake cases.

Not only are these awesome cases on display for everyone to enjoy, but the modders who created them were present at the booth. This is always great as you get to talk with the people that created the work and get those inside details right from the source. Plus you get to shake the hands of some the hobbies most famous modders.

Even though most of the cases are the same you will see a wide diversity of imagination, workmanship and inspiration that goes into the creating these case mods.



Donkey Kong Casemod by Mike Fierheller

Donkey Kong by Mike Fierheller

Alien-themed Casemod by Ron Lee Christianson

Alien by Ron Lee Christianson

Copper Steampunk by Ronnie Hara

Steampunk Copper by Ronnie Hara

Pirates of the Caribbean by Corey Gregory

Pirates of the Caribbean by Corey Gregory

MYTHRA by Maciel Barreto

MYTRA by Maciel Barreto

Death Race 2000 by Suchao Prowphong

Death Race by Suchao Prowphong


ROG Red Base by Siwasak Sirisomboon

ROG Red Base by Siwasak Sirisomboon

Tower 101 by Mike Peteryns

Tower 101 by Mike Peteryns

We hope you enjoyed the awesomeness of these case mods and the hard work the modders put into them.
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