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Tuniq TX-2 Thermal Paste

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     The first contender on the block will be the silicone paste.  As stated earlier I will clean the heatsink and the processor with the ArctiClean to ensure that all of the previous paste is removed.  I will be spreading the paste across the processor instead of putting on a dollop and pressing the heatsink onto it and having the pressure spread it for me.  I feel that the dollop method worked just fine on the older processor because they were so small compared to the large surface area of todays processors.  The area of this Opteron is almost as large as the area on the heatsink, so to make sure that the whole surface area is covered I will spread the paste of all contenders.  One other thing that we all what to make sure of is that the heatsink makes a good solid contact with the processor.  Here is a photo showing that the Zalman 9500 is making a good solid contact across the whole area of the processor.

Tuniq TX-2 Thermal Paste thermal paste 1

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