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Tuniq TX-2 and TX-4 Thermal Compound Review

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tuniq-tx2-tx4-packagingSo many people have such radically different outlooks on thermal compound. Some people will undoubtedly tell you that you should only run a certain thermal compound. However, that’s not necessarily the case. There are several thermal compounds that all perform within just a small percentage difference of each other. That doesn’t mean you should just rush out and grab whatever thermal compound you’re able to find, as you want to do some research on what you’re getting into.

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For this quick review/overview we will be looking at two thermal compounds from the same company, Tuniq.  We will be taking a look at the TX-2 and TX-4 thermal compounds. The TX-2 is more of a average thermal compound while the TX-4 is more at the top end. We will see if this hold true with the testing.


TX-2 Specifications


Appearance Grey
Viscosity  285000 cP
Thermal conductivity 4.5W/mK
Operating temperature -45°C ~ 200°C
Specific Gravity 3.96 @ 25°C
 Volume 1ml (3.5g)

TX-4 Specifications

Appearance Grey
Viscosity 66200 CP
Thermal conductivity 6.53 W/mk
Operating temperature -45°C ~ 160°C
Volume 1ml (3.5g)

Both the TX-2 and the TX-4 thermal compounds come in a plastic syringe. The TX-2 comes in a clear plastic package with absolutely no paperwork with it whatsoever. TX-4 is held inside of a blister package and behind it you can see a thermal interface material (TIM) spreader.


The reverse side of the packaging shows a brief amount of information. The TX -4 package does feature some small graphics, as well as a thermal compound performance chart. The TX-2 packaging is simple and features white text showing the specifications of the TX-2 paste.



Both the TX-2 and TX-4 come packaged in a white plastic syringe. The TX-4 comes with a soft slip over cap, while the TX-2 features a screw on style cap.

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