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Two New AM3+ 970 Motherboards Announced by ASRock

asrock970fatalperformance asrock970mpro3

ASRock has listed not one, but two 970-chipset based AMD3+ motherboards. The first is the 970 Fatal1ty Performance motherboard, supporting 220W CPUs such as the FX-9590 and 8x/8x capability in dual-card configuration. I don’t know why they did not just go for a 990FX chipset so they don’t have to use 3rd party switches but maybe manufacturing is more economical this way. This motherboard also has M.2 support, UEFI BIOS and Realtek ALC1150 based “ASRock Purity Sound 2” audio so it seems to be going for the gold.


The second 970 motherboard from ASRock is in micro-ATX form factor. Dubbed the 970M Pro3, it is aimed more towards the budget crowd and carries a $99 price tag.



More information can be found on ASRock’s website at http://www.asrock.com/index.us.asp

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