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What is Happening to Modding

Strangely enough it seems that lately there has been a decrease in the modding community. We see more of the same mods over and over and less new stuff. So, why is that? I have an opinion, yeah I know everyone usually does and they usually stink!

Here are a few of my thoughts on the subject. I think the current state of modding is derived from multiple reasons.

First we have the current economy. Yes, like it or not the economy is playing a role in the modding world as it is in every aspect of our lives/livelihood. Think about it; shipping, manufacturing, materials, and that is before it gets to the retailer where we decide on what we want for our mods. It costs more and more each day. Modding, just like any other activity or form of entertainment we have found to enjoy has become a huge source of income for those willing to feed our addiction. I know cost sure plays a factor in what I do. lol

Second, we have the modders themselves. What!?!? Yep, we too play a part in our current status. Why do I say this? Well …. I am sure I may get some that disagree with me here, but here goes. Modders started out being everyday folk experimenting and having fun, doing the impossible. Well somewhere along the way, things begin to change and modders began getting a lot of attention. Some have even been fortunate enough to gain employment in manufacturing companies from their design concepts, a great accomplishment indeed. However, we also have modders now that have obtained sponsorship and modders who have seamlessly unlimited resources when it comes to getting items for or work farmed out for a mod. Thus, we have mods that are beyond compare to anything your everyday person can put out. Why, mainly because of the first reason I listed for the slow down in modding, lack of money. What does this mean you ask, … well in some cases it makes your everyday modder not even want to try and compete or even match what has been placed before them as a gauntlet so to speak. Let’s face it, do you really think the Beverly Hill Billies Truck will win out in a contest over a completely custom Lamborghini Diablo?


Third, the modding sites play a small part in this as well I fear. I think it is mainly accidental, but I think they sometimes overlook the little guys. I think there are a few websites out there that plain out cater to a chosen few. (I am not going to name any of these sites, because it is pretty evident who they are if you have ever been there.) So, much attention is given to the Big Kahuna’s that the little guys that work with nothing, sometimes get pushed to the bottom and get absolutely no recognition for their hard work. Now, I am not saying to say crud looks good, but if a person produces a dang nice mod, even if it doesn’t have a kitchen sink installed in the back or a pool table in the drive bay, give credit where credit is due. You just may see, more little guys coming back. Oh, and btw, those Big Kahunas, they were once little guys too. On the other side of the spectrum, however, you have a few sites that are trying to offer something to all modders, of all skill levels, Modders-Inc.com being just one of these sites.

My fourth thought on the subject is this. The manufacturers have been watching modders for a long time. They have taken notes, names, and ideas. Not only that, but they want to take our modding and make money off of it. Go figure. Yep, they have began making more and more custom cases. Now, I don’t think they are killing modding for us, but the little cheap pre-modded cases have taken a lot of lookers/future modders out of the equation. The thought here “for some” is why go buy a case I need to mod when I can buy it already modded. Now that isn’t good for modding!

So what can we do to pump modding back up?!?! Actually I think it is on the way back up and we as modders need to keep on modding to the best of our abilities and remember why we do this. I hope your reason is a fun one filled with a passion for modding. And with sites like Modders-Inc.com doing what they do, the future of modding still has hope.

In fact at the moment this is a topic of discussion in the Modders-Inc.com forums. Take a look at it and give us your opinion here, not a member yet, then join the #1 Modding Community in the World of Modding!






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