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Zotac Extends VGA Warranty to 5 Years Worldwide


Good news for Zotac product owners, the VGA and mini-PC specialist has extended warranty coverage for their product line worldwide (mostly) from two to five years. Standard warranty for ZOTAC VGA and motherboard products is typically 2-years but now with product registration, users can tack on an additional 3-years to their warranty coverage period.


There are some conditions that affect this of course, such as area and availability. For example, while the 5-year warranty applies to everywhere, the exception is for video cards that carry a less than $200 MSRP which only has an additional 1-year warranty for a total of three years. Five year warranty should be more than enough to comfortably cover most user’s upgrade cycle and makes Zotac a very competitive brand in the VGA front.

For their popular mini-PC line, only the European market gets a total of five years but Africa, Middle East and India get an additional 3-years as well but since standard warranty starts at only one year, total is 4-years, which is still quite significant.  Unfortunately, this does not extend to APAC, Australia, North America and Latin American regions yet so mini-PC warranty stays at one year.

Warranty details and conditions can be seen in full at http://www.zotac.com/en/support/warranty-manager/register/warranty-disclaimer.html

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