AMD Athlon 5350 Kabini AM1 APU Review

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AMD Athlon 5350 KabiniIn the global market computing isn’t just about power or speed. Not everyone is concerned with purchasing the latest top tier CPU and in some countries, others just simply cannot afford to purchase such products. In developing countries users have asked for components that are low cost but can still be upgraded. With the previous generation of products, the CPU was soldered on to the motherboard. Enter the AMD Athlon 5350.

The Athlon nomenclature at one time was AMD’s mainstream processor now however, that Athlon name is given to the low cost/low power line. AMD is touting the new Athlon line as a “system on a socket” as all IO is handled on the CPU and there is not a chipset on the motherboard. This should help drive costs down and get the platform into more hands. The new AM1 platform from AMD features the Kabini APU. The Kabini line isn’t truly new, but rather a variant of the Kabini that is already released into the mobile market and is featured in AMD powered laptops and other x86 based mobile devices. The Kabini APU is designed to be marketed to the budget segment. Pricing suggests the AM1 platform should be around the same costs ($50-$80) as the previous Brazo series. AMD is launching the AMD Athlon 5350 Kabini APU at $55 USD and expected pricing for motherboards should be between 25.00 and 50.00 USD.

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AM1 Platform Features

  • Single Chip SoC
  • Up to 4 “Jaguar” Cores
  • GCN-Based Radeon Graphics
    • DirectX 11.2, OpenGL 4.3, OpenGL ES 3.0
    • OpenCL 1.2, DirectCompute, C++ AMP
  • Multimedia Features
    • UVD 4.2, VCE 2.0
  • I/O
    • 2 USB 3.0, 8 USB 2.0, 2 SATA 6GB

AMD Kabini APU Specifications

APU ModelTDPCPU CoresCPU FrequencyGCN Radeon™ CoresGPU FrequencyMemory FrequencyTotal CachePrice(Suggested
(R)Etail Price, USD)
AMD Athlon™ 535025W42.05 GHz128600 MHz1600 MHz2 MB$59
AMD Athlon™ 515025W41.6 GHz128600 MHz1600 MHz2 MB$49
AMD Sempron™ 385025W41.3 GHz128450 MHz1600 MHz2 MB$39
AMD Sempron™ 265025W21.45 GHz128400 MHz1333 MHz1 MB$34


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