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Enermax Thormax GT Full-Tower Case: Big on Ideas

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Full-tower cases are sought after for the extra room they provide for system building but if size is the only thing they offer then things would get boring fast. With the market as competitive as it is, case manufacturers have begun looking into offering more than space and design cases that appeal to a lifestyle rather than be an all-in-one generic solution. In the case of the Thormax GT, Enermax has positioned the chassis as a gaming solution befitting high-end component housing demands.

Review Sample Provided by: Enermax
Product Name/Link to Website: Thormax GT
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The Thormax GT (or Thormax Giant) is a full-tower case for the gaming enthusiast supporting up to E-ATX motherboards and four video cards at the same time. Adding to the conveniences of extra room, the Thormax Giant also provides a built-in four level fan controller for up to four fans with extra LED support as well as a magnetic headphone holder that mounts anywhere on its SECC steel body.

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The Thormax Giant arrives humbly in a standard brown box with black print and the case is packed inside with protective foam and scratch-proof film on the windowed areas. The accessories inside include a user’s manual, a bag containing an assortment of screws, cable management ties, 8-pin CPU power cable extension, magnetic headphone holder and a 5.25″ adapter for mounting a pair of 2.5″ drives and a 3.5″ device for both internal and front-bay external use.



TypeE-ATX Full Tower
Interior ColourBlack
I/O on top2x USB 3.0, 4x USB 2.0, HD Audio, 4-step Fan Speed & LED Control
Expansion Slots9x
5.25 inch4x
3.5 inch6x (1x converted from 5.25″ adapter)
2.5 inch8x (5x converted from 3.5″ tray, 2x converted from 5.25″ adapter, 1x behind M/B tray)
Air CoolingFrontpre-installed: 1x 180mm T.B.Vegas Single blue
optional: 1x 180 / 200mm fan
Air CoolingTopoptional: 3x 120mm / 2x 140mm / 1x 180 / 200mm fan
Air CoolingBottomoptional: 2x 120mm fan
Air CoolingRearpre-installed: 1x 120mm Twister Bearing fan
optional: 1x 120 / 140mm fan
Air Cooling Sidepre-installed: 1x 180mm T.B.Vegas Single blue
optional: 1x 180 / 200mm fan
Liquid Cooling Topoptional: 120 / 140 / 240 / 280 / 360mm radiator
Liquid Cooling Bottomoptional: 120 / 240mm radiator
Liquid Cooling Rearoptional: 120 / 140mm radiator
Case (D x W x H)546mm x 264mm x 557mm
Max. Length Graphics Cards490mm (360mm with HDD/SSD cage installed)
Max. CPU Cooler Height194mm
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