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Modders-Inc contest and giveaway page. We will also post links to other contest when we can.

2016 US Case Modding Championship

US CAse Modding Championship 2016

2016 will be the 5th year that Modders-Inc brings the thrilling hobby of computer case modding to the largest LAN in the United States, QuakeCon. Also this year the excitement climbs as this will be the second year of the US Case Modding Championship. Modders-Inc it creating a …

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GIGABYTE 30th Anniversary Mod2Win Modding Challenge

Mod-2016_schedule post

In celebration of GIGABYTE’s 30-year Anniversary, they are launching a modding contest with Modders-Inc. The prize is an all expense paid flight and lodging for a modder plus a friend to CES 2017 in LAS VEGAS, Nevada on January 5 to 8, PLUS $1000 in …

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2015 Staff vs Staff Case Modding Contest presented by Thermaltake


The time has come for the Modders-Inc​ Staff vs Staff Mod Competition. 7 competitors will be going head to head in a no holds bared knock down, drag-out Case Mod Competition….There will be bloody knuckles, bad words tossed around, and appendages held fast with super-glue. Once …

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Modders-Inc 9th Anniversary Giveaway


That’s right! We have been around for 9 whole years and we are getting ready to celebrate And when we mean celebrate we are talking about giving stuff away to you our readers and friends. Thanks to our awesome friends at…   To be listed …

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Announcing the US Case Modding Championship at QuakeCon 2015


2015 is going to an awesome year for QuakeCon and Case Modders. This year will be the 20th anniversary of the largest LAN in the United States. 2015 will also mark the fourth year that Modders-Inc will be hosting the Case Modding Contest, but this …

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OriginPC and VisionTek Team-up for R9 290X Giveaway


If you are looking for a video card upgrade that can handle 4K gaming but unfortunately do not have the budget for it then you are in luck because there is still a few days left until OriginPC and VisionTek’s giveaway expires. Up for grabs …

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Case Mods Entries for the Modders-Inc QuakeCon Case Modding Contest


2014 brought us another great year for case mods at QuakeCon. Each year there have seen an increase of number of case modders entering the contest. This also brought bigger and better mods. Here is a quick gallery of the entries into the 2014 Modders-Inc …

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