Modders Inc Announces the 2019 US Case Modding Championship

Bringing out the best of the best in the US will be hosting the biggest and most thrilling exhibition of computer case modding in the United States. The 2019 US Case Modding Championship is once again happening at the largest LAN in the USA, QuakeCon (July 25th-28th, 2019).  This year the excitement climbs even higher as 2019 will be the 5th year of the US Case Modding Championship. We expect a huge crowd and even more participants in the 2019 case mod championship. 

US Case Modding Championship

Modders-Inc has created a competition that brings together PC case modders from all over the United States. These PC case modders have the opportunity to compete in three different styles of computer case mods. These distinct styles of case mods are Classic, Scratch, and id/Bethesda. All the competing case mods will be displayed all over the BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) area for everyone to enjoy. One of the best parts of the US Case Modding Championship this is that you get to see the case mods up-close and talk with the modders that created them.

1000’s of dollars of hardware will be given away to the winners of the case modding contest. But we do not stop there. Thanks to the AWESOME sponsors we are able to spread their generosity to all the attendees of the QuakeCon but giving away everything they send us through a raffle in the main vendor area!

You can check out the 2018 winners at QuakeCon 2018 Case Mod Contest Winners

**We reserve the right to modify the rules, dates, times, prizes, and sponsors at any time due to any circumstancesWe reserve the right to refuse any pc case mod or case modder(s) entry into the contest due to any circumstances we deemed fit. If you do not follow the rules you will be banned from the contest**

How do I enter my PC Case Mod into the US Case Modding Championship Contest at QuakeCon:

Just come by our booth in the vendor area at QuakeCon, tell us that you would like to be in the contest, we will give you an entry form, fill it out and you are entered!

How do I know which division I need to enter my mod into:

There are three separate division styles you can enter and compete in. They are as follow…

Classic Case Mod: consists of any mod that is built from an existing retail PC Case. We do require at least 80% of the original case be used. If we deem that less than 80% of the original case was not used you we moved to the Scratch-Build style.

Scratch-Build Case Mod: consists of any mod built from anything else than a retail PC Case. Or If we deem that less than 80% of the original case was not used you we moved to the Scratch-Build style.

id/Bethesda Themed Case Mod: consists of any mod style (classic or scratch) but must be themed about id Software/Bethesda or any their games (old, new, or upcoming).

What are the rules so I do not do anything wrong:

Only one (1) entry per person or team (friends working on one case together is a team). You cannot be part of a team and a have separate case mod entered.

Entrant(s) may enter only one division. Example: You cannot have a case in the Classic division and one in the id/Bethesda division.

Entrant(s) must be the owner(s) of the case mod. Commissioned builds that you make for someone else does not make you the owner of the case mod.

Any past top three winning PC case mods (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) are not eligible to compete in any class. (You cannot enter the same mod from last you that you won either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place with. If you did not place in the top three in past events, you can re-enter that case mod again)

Any past winning Modders themselves are eligible to build and enter a new computer case mod that meets the rules listed above in any class.

The contest is open to all QuakeCon attendees ages 18 & up.

I have some sponsored hardware/products from a manufacturer(s) can I still enter the contest.

We understand that people do get sponsored products, which is awesome. What we look for are those people that get fully sponsored for a build, doing the build only for the sake of a deal with a manufacturer, sponsor, or who are building a pc case mod that will later be turned over to a sponsor or over to a client. To us, this means the case was never intended to be “your” case.  This is not allowed and you will be disqualified or possibly banned from the contest. We want people that are doing the case mod because they want to.

**We reserve the right to modify the rules, dates, times, prizes, and sponsors at any time due to any circumstancesWe reserve the right to refuse any case mod or case modder(s) entry into the contest due to any circumstances we deemed fit. If found cheating you will be banned from the contest**

Judging for the US Case Modding Championship 

Judging will be determined by Modders-Inc and any pre-selected guest judges. Participants in any of the class competitions are not eligible to be a judge. The scoring will be broken down into four (4) categories each based on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best.

Categories include:

Concept/Design  Does the Concept of the mod match the design.
Example: The mod is supposed to be about Star Wars, but the finished case doesn’t look like anything from the movie.

Creativity/MODS  What ideas did you have about changing the way the case looks. What was changed and how much of it you did yourself (which will also increase your score).

Detail of Work  The finer details of the mods. The finished look of the case such as are the cables tied up, scratches, dents, and etc.

Overall Look  When you stand back and look at the case mods does it all look good?
Example: The paint job is outstanding, but the inside is a mess. (We have has A LOT of great case mods that have fallen prey to this. Please make sure that you make the inside look as great as the outside… yes we do look and bring flashlights.

Final scores are determined by adding the scores from each judge together. The highest combined overall score will receive the 1st place vote, the second and third highest scores will receive runner-up prizes.  In case of a tie, the tying mods will be deliberated by the judges and a winner will be picked.

Judging will happen over a two day period. Entries 1-15 will be judged on Friday. Entries 16-last entry will be judged on Saturday. *Note* We might be trying something new this year as we will check out and judge the mods through-out the event. You DO Not Need To Be Present while we judge your case mod.

Judging will end by 4 pm on Saturday as we need to have 2 hours prior to the announcement of the winners to tally the scores and to contact the winners. Contest finalist will need to bring their case mods to the QuakeCon Final Show area Saturday to display their mods on stage for all to see!
** QuakeCon scheduling of events is not yet finalized. Times and days could be affected by the soon to be released schedule of events **

On a side note, truthfully it does not make a difference what kind of hardware is in the case.  We judge the case modding work, not the hardware. Just because you have $10,000 worth of hardware doesn’t mean you have a case mod.

Note: If you are a modder and will be attending QuakeCon but not competing in the contest and you would like to be a potential guest judge. Please contact us at our Contact Page or at the booth.

Prizes for the US Case Modding Championship :

All placing winners (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) will receive a prize(s). The level of prizes is determined on what kind of sponsorship we can generate. All winners of the contest and giveaways are responsible for all shipping of the products they have won during or at the event. There is never a guarantee that money will be giving away as a prize. That is up to our great sponsors to provide the cash prizing.

We would like to thank our awesome sponsors for their great support for the US Case Modding Championship at 2019 QuakeCon. As we gather our valued sponsor partners well post them here.

If you would like to be a sponsor please use our Contact Page to send us an email.
(As more items are confirmed they will be added to the list. We reserve the right to modify the prizes or sponsors at any time due to any circumstances.)


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Dewayne Carel

Dewyane began in the case modding scene when it was just starting out many years ago. Shortly after that, he started Modders-Inc to help others learn how to create and have fun with PC case mods. He has created works for the likes of Bethesda, Cooler Master, ASUS, CPU Magazine, Razer, Zotac and more.

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