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NVIDIA GeForce Garage Video Series

For the past several weeks now ever since Mod24 was held, NVIDIA has been releasing a series of video tutorials from some of the best modders out there sharing some tips and techniques in entertaining and easy to follow tutorials. The show is hosted by NVIDIA’s Andrew Coonrad and featured modders include Lee Harrington of PCJunkieMods, Mike Landenberger of Lutroo Customs, Richard Surroz of Outoftheboxmods, Bob Stewart of BS Mods and more!

Subscribe to NVIDIA’s YouTube channel for Updates but so far, here are the six videos they have uploaded.

How to Modify your Chassis for Better Airflow featuring Lee Harrington of

How to Sleeve your Cables with Mike Landenberger of

How to Bend Copper Pipe for Liqid Cooling Loops with Richard Surroz of

How to Install LED Lighting with Bob Stewart of

How to Create Custom Vinyl Decals with James Walter of

How to Create a Monster Build featuring Image Comics co-founder Whilce Portacio and Larry Andersen of Ultimate Mods

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