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Thermaltake Launches the TT Premium Core P5 LCS Page with Hard Pipe Kits

Ttpremium-lcs-core P5-2

Thermaltake has setup a new page that helps bring hard line water cooling kits to the every popular Core P5 case. They have officially launched the new Reef, Riptide and Rift series hard tube LCS kits based around fitment to the Core P5. These kits will fit …

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Thermaltake Lumi Color 256c LED Strip Review

Thermaltake LUMI Color

Every case mod starts with a design. Most of the designs we use today are somewhat based on lighting of the inner/outer of the case. Whether you are replacing stock fans in the case or building out a liquid cooling loop, you are going to …

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Thermaltake Announces Project “The Tower” Design Collaboration with Watermod France

Thermaltake mod Tower by Mathieu Heredia

Thermaltake has been inspired by top modder Mathieu Heredia’s entry for the Thermaltake Casemod Invitational 2015 Season 2 and will soon be producing a case based on a similar design. Mathieu now joins other top modders such as Bill Owen and Craig Brugger who have …

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Thermaltake W200 Series Super-Tower Chassis Now Available

Thermaltake TT Premium Core W200 Super Tower Chassis_1

Thermaltake’s new W200 series super-tower cases are unlike other full-tower cases in the market with their unprecedented space for enthusiast-class components, larger than even Thermaltake’s previous Core X series, but with a workstation approach to the design. In addition to their previously released Core WP100/W100 …

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Podcast #40 – Group Effort

Podcast #40 - Group Effort

It has been sometime since episode #39 and with plenty of events going on simultaneously in the modding world, the entire Modders-Inc crew (minus Dewayne, Craig, Nick, Tom, Michael, Alex, Wen and Marc. So basically just Ron and Joe, you know…the important ones) sit down …

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Thermaltake 2016 Casemod Invitational Season 1 Launched

2016 Thermaltake Case MOD Invitational Season 1

The modders participating for the latest Thermaltake 2016 casemod invitational season 1 has been announced and as usual, it includes some of the best top modders worldwide. Eleven modders from Europe, US, Australia and Asia are competing for the top trophy, utilizing the latest Thermaltake …

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Harley Quinn Build – Part 1


Harley Quinn first appeared in the Batman: The Animated Series episode “Joker’s Favor,” (1999) as what was originally supposed to be the animated equivalent of a walk-on role; a number of police officers were to be taken hostage by someone jumping out of a cake, …

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Modder Spotlight: Dave Alcock


Dave Alcock aka Davido Labido describes himself as a “simple” man but looking at his body of work, he is more of a “Renaissance man”, busy with modding, reviewing and overclocking. For approximately three years now, the 27-year old engineer from Nottingham, UK has been …

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Modder Spotlight: Jesse Palacio


Repping the Philippines in season 2 of  Thermaltake’s invite only competition is Jesse Palacio. Known for his exquisite hand made PSU covers, and other acrylic work. I got a chance to take a few min of his time to figure out what’s going on inside …

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Modder Spotlight: Ron Lee Christianson

Ron Lee Christianson

Some people are fine with staying in a comfort zone and never venturing out of this “safety zone”,  this however is not Ron Lee Christianson of Blue Horse Studios. Although Ron has really only been on the modding scene for a short time compared to …

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