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Raijintek THETIS Window Aluminum Case Review

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Going inside the Raijintek THETIS »

raijintek-thetis-case-right-sideRaijintek is not a highly known name in the US market for pc cases, but is a well-respected manufacture in other countries. During this review, we will be taking a look at the updated Thetis Classic case. The Thetis is an updated version of the popular STYX case. What set this version of the Thetis case is the addition of smoked tempered glass side panels. Being small is sizes Raijintek says it is an ATX case but is it really able to do that? Find out.


Packaged in the typical tan color box we get a quick look at what might be inside the box.

With glass side panels we would hope that the case is packaged well, and it is. Covered with a plastic bag to stop any scratches and Styrofoam end caps to keep the THETIS from moving around and away from the sides of the box.

Features of the Thetis Window

  • Alu. ATX superior case
  • Aluminum color hair-silk anodized appearance design
  • 3.0mm tempered glass side panel
  • 12025 O-type LED fan pre-installed at rear
  • 1.5mm Aluminum
  • 7 PCI slots
  • 2 × USB3.0 ports
  • Entire Coating black internally design
  • Compatible with ATX POWER SUPPLY
  • Supports max. 280mm length VGA card
  • Supports max. 170mm height CPU cooler
  • Anti-vibration rubber for HDD installation
  • Supports to install 2×2.5″ HDD + 2×3.5″ HDD
  • 240mm radiator on the top (option), 120mm fan at bottom (option)
  • Large zone of ventilate mesh for airflow on top

Specifications of the Thetis Window

Product Number 0R200053 / 0R200054
Dimension [W×D×H] 210×360×366 mm
Weight 5.2 kg [N.W.] 6 kg [G.W.]
Material Aluminum 1.5mm [Surface]; SPCC 1.0mm [Internal]
Color Black/Silver; Hair-silk Anodized
Drive Bay Internal 3.5″ ×2 [Tool-Free] Internal 2.5″ ×2 [Tool-Free]
Expansion Slot PCI Slots × 7
I/O Panel USB3.0×2, HD Audio×1
Power Supply PS/2 [Internal Bottom-mount]
CoolingSystem Top Fan: 120mm×2 [Option] or 240mm Radiator [Option] Rear Fan: 120mm×1 [Pre-installed; O-type LED Fan] Bottom Fan: 120mm×1 [Option]
CPU Cooler Height 170mm [Max.]
Graphic Card Length 280mm [Max.]
Side Panel Style Window [Tempered Glass]


Moving quickly around the Raijintek THETIS case we get to see that the front of the case has very little definition to it with a flat aluminum panel. Making our way to the right side of the THETIS we see that 95% of the side is a smoke tempered glass panel with four thumb screws, one in each corner.

Continuing to the back of the case we get to look at the I/O ports.. uh, something is wrong here. The left side of the case looks just like the other side with a smoked tempered glass panel.

At the top of the THETIS we can see where the removable air vent is located and then there are two 3.0 USB connections along with the normal audio in and out ports. Right below that on the front panel is the single on/off button; no reset button in this case.

So remember that the back of the case looked as if there was something missing, well there was. There was no place shown for the power supply. Raijintek took the power supply and rotated it 90 degrees so that the power connection is at the bottom front portion of the case. Doing this allowed them to shrink the height of the case


The glass side panels are kept in place with four thumbscrews that have a small rubber washer on them. Mounted on the case are the female portions of the thumb screw assembly. These inserts have a large rubber grommet around them that the holes in the glass side panels sit upon. This allows the panel to be securely attached to the case without a chance of the glass moving or to break when the thumbscrew might be over tightened.

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