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Patriot P200 512GB SSD Review

Patriot P200 512GB SSD
SSD Storage is getting cheaper all the time and you can find decent storage for pretty much any application. Some of us seek only the premium performance storage and some are not so much. There are three basic factors to consider when looking at SSD storage, reliability, performance and stability. With reliability, you want to make sure that the data …

Silverstone Lucid LD03

Silverstone Lucid black
When Silverstone offered to send over their new Lucid LD03, we were immediately intrigued.  In a market dominated by downsized versions of popular mid-tower cases and uninspiring cube cases, the Silverstone Lucid LD03 appeared to offer a fresh new take on the very idea of what an ITX case could be, with its asymmetrical glass panels, angular vents, and a …

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