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Gigabyte #Mod2Win Fan Favorite Voting Begins

GIGABYTE’s 30th Anniversary #Mod2Win Contest has wrapped up and it is now time for people to see what the what liquid-cooled Gigabyte-themed mods from the Modders-Inc forums looks like. Winners for the event will be flown to CES Las Vegas to showcase their build in person at the Gigabyte booth, but there is also a Fan Favorite public voting aspect that will grant the most popular mod some extra prizes on top. Users can vote over at http://event.gigabyte.us/mod2win/vote/ from November 19 through December 19, with up to a single vote per day. Name, email, and address are required per entry.


The mods and their submissions (in Alphabetical Order):

Apeiro by NavyChief worklog: http://www.modders-inc.com/forums/showthread.php/4777-Gigabyte-30th-Anniversary-Mod-Challenge-%C3%81PEIRO

A modified Corsair 900D with custom front/top/side panels. The reservoir will be custom and integrated into motherboard panel. Blue/black color scheme. Infinity mirror on front. Vertical GPU.

Blue Fury by Jemin worklog: http://www.modders-inc.com/forums/showthread.php/4774-Gigabyte-30th-Anniversary-Mod-Challenge-Blue-Fury-Entry

This is a reverse ATX mod utilizing a DIYPC Solo-T1-BK Black case. Build scheme will be Black and Blue with White accents

Estus by FirzModz: http://www.modders-inc.com/forums/showthread.php/4830-Gigabyte-30th-Anniversary-Mod-Challenge-Estus-Build-T

This build was made to be a great piece for Gigabytes 30th anniversary. Incorporating a theme from their extreme gaming product line and incorporating outside themes to bring it all to life.

Orange Nexus by FrozenQ42 worklog: http://www.modders-inc.com/forums/showthread.php/4850-GIGABYTE-30th-Anniversary-Mod-Challenge-Orange-Nexus

Orange Nexus is a culmination of ideas gathered across the past few years. It features a distinct blend of inspired designs with traditional FrozenQ styling built specifically around a Gigabyte mobo.

Project Ghost by jj_sky5000 worklog: http://www.modders-inc.com/forums/showthread.php/4854-GIGABYTE-30th-Anniversary-Mod-Challenge-Project-quot-Ghost-quot-Mini-ITX

Pack as much power with full custom watercooling loop in a mini itx build

Project Triptych by boloisbolo worklog: http://www.modders-inc.com/forums/showthread.php/4784-Gigabyte-30th-Anniversary-Mod-Challenge-Custom-Case-Project-Triptych

Triptych – Traditionally a work of art split into three sections hinged together. Project Triptych is a modern take celebrating Gigabytes 30 years displaying three pillars of their brand and business

Rehab by InsolentGnome worklog: http://www.modders-inc.com/forums/showthread.php/4776-GIGABYTE-30th-Anniversary-Mod-Challenge-Rehab

The goal of this build is to take an older Fractal Design Define R4 and rehabilitate it. Old school hot rod theme, flip the motherboard, put the GPU on a riser and custom wc-ing for the cpu.

Duality by Duality92 worklog: http://www.modders-inc.com/forums/showthread.php/4838-Gigabyte-30th-Anniversary-Mod-Challenge-The-Duality

A dual system build. This build features parts sponsored from Gigabyte (Z170N Gaming 5 w/ a Gaming G1 GTX 1070 for system one, for system two a F2A88XN-WIFI) all housed in a custom Frozen-Q Apex mATX).

Triginta by Masbuskado Modder worklog: http://www.modders-inc.com/forums/showthread.php/4796-Gigabyte-30th-Anniversary-Mod-Challenge-TRIGINTA-Scratch-Build

The Idea is to make a full 3D – Big 30 Number Case that will house any Hardware as a regular case. The Case will have a Big Number 30 Reservoir filled with Blue Liquid Coolant in one of the side.




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