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ADATA SX950 SSD Review


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A Closer Look at ADATA SX950


The PCB board is capable of hosting additional memory chips for higher capacity. Since our review sample is only 250Gb I only found four memory chips.

SX950 SSD Review

ADATA 3D MLC NAND memory chips are specifically designed for ADATA so I found very little information on (121040096C) but apparently, they are produced by Micron.

SX950 SSD Review


SSD controller is by SiliconMotion (SM2258G). This controller has 4 channels and offers throughput speeds up to 6Gb/s.

SX950 SSD Review

Cache DDR3 is powered by NANYA (NT5CC128M16IP-DI). This cache module is 128Mb DDR3 that operates with x16 multiplier summing total cache to 2Gb at speeds of 1600Mbps.

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