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AKRACING Player Gaming Chair Review

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Before we go on to the the conclusion, I want to talk a little bit about the quality of this chair. The upholstery is attached to the metal frame via heavy duty copper rings in a similar fashion as I have seen professionals do with car seats. This should mean the char will last for years to come.



The stitching on the chair is very well done. I took a pretty close look during this review and I did not see any bad stitches. Nor did I see any stitches that were crooked.



Finally, under the chair’s seat there are two tightly strung elastic straps that provide extra support. Also, under the seat, you can see how the base and the arms attach to the metal frame.


Final Thoughts

The AKRacing chair has the appearance of well, a seat that you might find in a sports or race car, very similar styling to a Recaro, for example. Just sitting in the office the chair looks great.

I’ve had comfortable chairs and extremely uncomfortable chairs. Initially, I thought the the AKRacing player chair was hard and the seat didn’t have much padding but, it wasn’t uncomfortable it was different than what I was used to. I decided that two weeks wasn’t enough to give this product a fair shake down. Day after day I sat more and more in the chair, and the more and more comfortable it became. I’m not sure if it was the chair forming to my body, or my body forming to the chair. But now after hours and hours of sitting my tail bone doesn’t hurt like it did on my plush office chair. I’ve also noticed that I do not feel like I have my shoulders all in a bunch and felt more relaxed sitting in the AKRacing chair. I tried to use both pillows included with the chair and I find myself using the head pillow more than I use the lumbar pillow. Most days, it feels strange to me.

The size of the chair can accommodate almost any body style. The back of the chair is wide enough to fit both narrow and wide shouldered individuals. The seat width is good, but if you have a wider bottom, the seat bolsters can get in the way. The depth of the seat is great. For me, the end of the seat hits me right at the back of the knees and is very comfortable.


The seat back is can lay back almost 90° to a dang near flat position and can rock up to 12°. The lift works well. As I move around my office from desk to desk, on occasion I need to either raise or lower the chair and over the course of the last month or so, it hasn’t failed to perform it’s job. The gas lift is rated to support 156kg or 343 lbs. On a good day I am close to 300.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with the AKRacing Player gaming chair. From the go-fast looks, to the high quality upholstery, to the metal frame work and the solid feel this chair screams quality. And it should. I don’t know about you, but I am not into throwing money down the drain chasing cheap products. With the price of the chair a little above the $300.00 USD mark, I don’t want to replace it every year. So far everyone that comes by and sits in this chair for any length of time wants to take it home. Now, it’s hard to function at my PC without this chair.

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