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Antec Kuhler H20 620 CPU Water Cooler

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Thinking about doing some water cooling? I know I am – Don’t forget about the Antec KUHLER H20 620. You heard right, Antec has decided to jump in to the water cooling loop, so to speak, and come out with a new line of all-in-one complete water cooling solutions with easy installation and good performance.

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First Look

The new Kuhler 620 comes to us in a very nice respectable heavy duty double wall box with beautiful design and a picture of the very sleek looking cooling system inside.

On the side panels Antec provides some pretty useful information about this little gem. It boasts about the performance increase you can gain by using the Antec Kuler 620 over a stock Intel CPU cooler. According to Antec’s research using a Intel Core I-7 980 @ 3.33GHz at 100% load you will have  a 17% decrease in heat on your CPU.
On the other side of the box we find fan speed specs, Radiator dimensions, Fan dimensions, Weight, CPU block and pump height.

Finally on the back of the packaging Antec talks about some of the innovative design and features that went into the Antec Kuhler 620. Low profile built in pump, corrugated easy bending tubes for maximum flexibility in radiator positioning, the latest generation of copper gold plate for optimal conduction and intelligence noise speed control fan for quiet efficient  cooling and zero maintenance needed for their new Kuhler 620.

  • CPU Socket Compatibility
  • – Intel LGA 775, 1155 / 1156, 1366, AMD AM2, AM3, AM2+, AM
  • Low profile pump ensures exceptional liquid circulation while preserving internal airflow
  • Non-corrugated easy-bend tubes for maximum flexibility in radiator positioning
  • Intelligent noise / speed-control fan for quiet, efficient cooling
  • Latest generation copper cold plate for optimal conduction
  • Cooling Liquid – Safe, environmentally-friendly, anti-corrosive
  • Fan Speed: 1450 – 2000 RPM
  • Tubing Length: 13.0″ / 330 mm
  • Radiator Dimensions
  • – 5.6″ (H) x 4.7″ (W) x 1.1″ (D)
  • – 151 mm (H) x 120 mm (W) x 27 mm (D)
  • Fan Dimensions
  • – 4.7″ x 1.0″ / 120 mm x 25 mm
  • Air Flow
  • – 81.3 CFM
  • Cold Plate + Pump Height
  • – 1.1″ / 27 mm
  • Net weight: 1.5 lbs / 0.7 kg
  • AQ3 – Antec Quality 3 year limited warranty on parts and labor

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