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ASRock Reveals Their First mini-STX PC System: DeskMini110

Compact PCs could be seen everywhere at Computex in various shapes and sizes but it was no longer Intel’s NUC that was taking all the attention but a new more flexible solution that also appeals to DIY system builders. The 5×5-inch mini-STX form factor with its swappable Intel 6th generation CPU, upgradeable DIMM slots and expansion ports is the key innovation driving the push for small-form factor desktop computing forward in 2016 and ASRock is right on board with their latest DeskMini110. In the overview video below, Cleon Wang demonstrates just how much can be fit inside their DeskMini 110 using the STX form factor, comparing it to an Intel NUC which it outscored in Cinebench running a desktop i3-6100 CPU vs an i7-6500U on the NUC (the U designation on Intel parts means that they are lower-power for notebook use). With a desktop PC on the table, Cleon also runs some benchmarks to show what kind of performance can be expected from a small system with a similar Intel Core i3-6100 CPU installed in 3DMark.


The DeskMini110 is of course just the latest addition to ASRock’s already expansive mini-PC and net top line which includes their popular Beebox and higher-end Vision series. Most of the current PCs from ASRock’s Mini series currently feature lower power AMD APUs and Intel Celeron processors so the DeskMini110 will be their most powerful product on that series. Most importantly, since it uses a socketed mini-STX solution, it can even be upgraded to the most powerful compatible LGA1151 Core-i7 CPU.


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