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ASUS Z97 Sabertooth MARK1 Motherboard Review

There are many times that products are too specialized for widespread usage, but it is a much more common situation to see items that have the exact opposite problem. In the world of consumerism, it is natural for companies to try to make a product as appealing to as many people as they can, and often try to achieve this by cramming in as many features as possible. While it may look appealing on the surface, the result is often that these multi-dimensional items simply can’t do any of the functions particularly well. On the other hand, the highly specialized items may not be able to accomplish everything you need it to do. This leaves one trying to find the item that best fits their needs. It can sometimes be very tempting to always go with the “more”, but only until you find out where the associated “less” comes in.

via ASUS Z97 Sabertooth MARK1 Motherboard Review.

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