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Asustor AS4004T NAS Review

Mainstreaming 10GbE in to your home

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Conclusion and Final Thoughts

There is a lot to Asustor AS4004T than just a pretty outer shell. When we review hardware here at Modders-Inc we really get down into performance and statistics of a device and AS4004T treatment was no different. For the short time that I had with AS4004T, I have tested and used this device as I would any other NAS on my network. Moving large files and installing software from Asustor App Central was easy and straight forward. I have experience with ADM so it was easy for me to navigate. ADM is easy to work with as everything is intuitive and straight forward.

Asustor AS4004T is powered by Marvell Armada 7K Dual Core Embedded processor and while using the device I have noticed CPU activity times in upper 70-80% while transferring large files across the network. Based on the benchmarks and the data they have produced AS4004T should be able to push data much faster while using 10GbE connectivity. At times it felt like the Armada 7K CPU had a difficult time keeping up with the Alaska 10GbE controller. Working with 1Gbps connection I saw no issues lag or choking.

Asustor AS4004T

ADM software which drives AS4004T is powerful and flexible and comes with App Central plugin through which you can install and manage a decent number of applications. Most of the applications are open sourced however, some are not such as Surveillance Center for your home IP Cam Security. Right now, Asustor AS4004T retails for about $ 360 USD and I think that is a fair price considering similar units sell for about the same. Asustor also has a two-bay unit, AS4002T for about $ 250 USD.  So, if you are looking for a 10GbE NAS, AS4004T is a pretty good and affordable device to have around for your daily file sharing activities. While not quite as fast as other 10-gigabit NAS devices we’ve tested, it certainly gets the job done. And with the 3-year warranty how can you go wrong?


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